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On the opening page, a teacher and her students sit in a circle. They take turns describing holidays they celebrate with their families. The first holiday description acknowledges that these are celebrations that do not just take place in a certain part of the world, but wherever these families live: “Even though we are far from our families across the ocean, my cousins and I wear our hanbok and honor our ancestors.” Another valuable addition are questions on each page to encourage students to engage with the book and make personal connections. The uniqueness of this book is that it is not holidays around the world. Instead, it is holidays celebrated by families of different cultures, religions, and traditions. Prabhat represents 18 children and their celebrations in gorgeous color and detail that will engage young people. A beautiful book meant to be shared and inspire discussion.

School Library Journal

"This book has been such a valuable resource for me. As an educator who worries about how to meaningfully approach and start these conversations and interrupt conversations that are harmful, this book has been invaluable. Not only does Liz explain the thinking behind the approaches, but she provides concrete examples of what to do and say. I learn so much better with examples and this has been so concise (as to not be overwhelming) but detailed."
"As parents who were working at home with our children during the distance learning period of the pandemic, this book proved invaluable. I only wish it was released earlier! This book enabled us to make significant connections with them to what they were already learning in class and how ABAR work intersects with that. We've also gifted this book to the principal of the school our children attend and would encourage others to do the same."
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